K-9 Coach

"My husband and I were extremely surprised and pleased with the knowledge we gained from K-9 Coach in assisting us with the training of our 2 ½ year old Doberman.  The sessions were very informative and the tips and method in which they were applied proved to be invaluable.
     Needless to say, our trainer, Moriah Ochoa is extremely knowledgeable in the care and handling of dogs.  While her approach is firm, her passion and love for the animal is present at all times.  We would highly recommend Moriah’s services for anyone who may be struggling or frustrated with any obedience issues their K-9 companion may display, and feel certain Moriah will be able to overcome them.

Thank you,

​     Ken and Dottie Hass"

"Hello Moriah, I want to take the time to thank you for the wonderful training you did with jagger he is looking very good ,I would also like to add that your were a pleasure to work with very professional and accomadating your awesome moriah l am looking forward to working more with you for jaggers advance training.

Thank you,
     Berry Anderson"


"Moriah's innate ability to effectively communicate with dogs is matched by her welcoming personality. This combination is what makes a great dog trainer, someone who can not only train your dog but help the owner do the same. She is always furthering her dog training knowledge by attending seminars, training in new disciplines and communicating with other trainers. Her accomplishments with her own therapy and obedience dogs speaks volumes. I enjoyed training with her and I would recommend her to anyone needing help with their dog.

Rebecca Mosenthal 

​"I wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your training and handling of Kokah. She continues to walk well on her leash and she no longer jumps on people. Her stay is becoming longer and she will stay when we are out of sight. It was a hard decision for us to give our Puppy to someone for a week, we are so glad we chose you. Thank you for all your help.

Anggie Woodruff


"We would like to thank you for the expert training of our dog Sheba.  You have shown to be an excellent dog trainer with your methods and expertise in handling dogs.  We have learned quite a lot from you and that has made us more patient with our handling of Sheba.  If in the near future we find that we need more training, we won't hesitate to call upon your services.

Again, Thank you,
     Jerry & Ymelda Boudreaux"

"Moriah Ochoa has been the perfect trainer for my two dogs.  They love her and she seems to love them, and they respond to all the commands she taught them.  She has worked wonders with Sugar & Honey.  I highly recommend her to anyone interested in having their dogs trained.

     Joan Odinas"

​"Never having had a big dog before, I found my quickly growing Golden Retriever puppy much more than I could handle.  Right from the beginning, Harley knew I was not the alpha dog and seemed to take every opportunity to take advantage of that.  I put him in puppy training when we first brought him home, and he learned every behavior on the first try.  So we knew he is smart, so smart that he only does what he feels like doing when he wants to.  I knew I needed help to gain control of my puppy, who at a year is now 90+ pounds.  I asked my vet if they could recommend someone and I was given Moriah's business card.  Moriah came to my house and gave me a demonstration with Harley as well as one of her dogs, explained her training methods, and I immediately signed us up. She has excellent control of Harley when training, showes affection for him before and after training and has given me a better understanding of how I need to handle him.  I plan on putting Harley into her Canine Companion program when he is a little older.

Carol Lisowski
Las Vegas"